If you found your way here, things may not be going according to the plan.  Life may seem unmanageable?  The smile you may see in the mirror everyday is forced, or the frown may be very real?  People may still see the light in your eyes at work, but they don’t know the heaviness in your heart at home?  Maybe relationships that once brought you real joy are now bringing heartache, pain, and confusion?  Perhaps you need a safe place to get to know yourself again? To take some time in a safe place to speak new truths out loud, and consider for yourself for the first time maybe in a very long time what they sound like?

You’ve decided that it’s ok to take time for you.  If this rings a bell, I’d love to talk to you to see if counseling is something that may be of benefit to you in your journey.

Warmest regards,

Daniel Redden, MA, MDIV, LMFT